All through the season, we host a variety of events at the club. Most of them are (of course) golfing events, and many of them are fundraisers for worthy organizations. Each event listed here is open to anyone who wants to get involved. If you have any questions about our events,
please give us a call at

(518) 499-5270


2021 Season Tournament Schedule
May 1st - Whitehall Alumni Tournament to Benefit Whitehall Back Pack Program
May 30th - Michelob Light Open
June 12th - Granville Basketball Booster
June 19th - Rutland Italian Aid
June 25th - Capt. Scanlon Memorial
July 3rd - Red / White / Blue Scramble
July 10th - Project: Cameron Story
July 31st - Fort Anne Basketball Coaches vs Cancer
August 8th - John W. Eaton Sr. Memorial
August 14th - Perry Memorial Tournament
August 21st - BigFoot Scramble
August 28st - Jillson Memorial
September 5th - Coors Light Open

To Be Scheduled:
NiteGolf - September
Andrew Laramie Memorial - September
Impossible Pin - TBD
Backwards - October

No Events